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Bamileke Juju Hats from Cameroon

Bamileke Juju Hats from Cameroon

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Often customers come into the store and fall in love with our feather wall hangings, but don't know the story behind them.

These spectacular pieces of art are actually juju hats made from the Bamileke tribe In Cameroon. 

They are traditionally worn on the head by royal dancers during traditional ceremonies. 

 These juju hats look beautiful hung above a fireplace, dining table or a bed, as shown here in this beautiful photo by Dina Holland Interiors

 The ivory colour juju is our biggest seller, but now more and more customers are choosing other gorgeous colours like our soft grey shown below.

 The black is our favourite in store. Perfect for giving the juju a more edgy touch.


If you find that the original size of 70-80cm is too large for your space,

the medium size Juju Hats are the perfect alternative. 

They look great grouped together with the larger sizes too!

Now that the juju hat has become a popular piece of decor, there are many different vendors selling these beautiful works of art.

When you purchase a juju hat from Raw Decor, you know you are receiving the real deal, authentic juju hats from Africa. We make sure each piece is up to our standard of quality with beautiful, fluffy feathers.