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Anjali Essential Oils

Anjali Essential Oils

Introducing Anjali Essential Oils...


Anjali meaning “a gift, tribute or an offering” was born out of an appreciation for all things that appear and smell beautiful. We also have a deep respect for nature and the power found within nature, the medicinal properties of which cannot be ignored. We have experienced first-hand the connection between essential oils and our bodies, with multiple benefits experienced.

These first hand experiences of treating our bodies naturally, built our confidence and created a deep passion to share it with others. As we researched and our knowledge and experience of essential oils grew, so too did our understanding of the importance of “pure” and “organic” oils. We soon felt the need to establish our own range of essential oils and carrier oils that we and like-minded people could have complete trust in.

We are an Australian Owned and operated company, and as a family we have a deep appreciation for the miracle of these plant based oils in their purest forms.
Knowing that our skin is the largest organ in our body, its porosity means we absorb everything we touch and this fact is not forgotten by us. We have sourced, developed and bottled a beautiful range of organic and pure essential oils that are not polluted, unchanged or disturbed with sprays and pesticides.
Whether it’s for health, creating an environment that has an inviting aroma, creating your own chemical free cleaning or body products we hope ANJALI essential oils can add much needed experiences of self-­‐care to your life.



It is undeniable, the power of the natural chemicals that lies within plants and thankfully a growing respect within even the scientific community allowing this information to spread. Essential Oils and their ancient applications deserve ours and your attention.
As to the value of Purity, the following is an excerpt by Dr Kurt Schnaubelt PH.D (author of multiple books on essential oils and aromatherapy)



“The healing properties of Essential Oils (EO) occur because of highly interactive components These components are characterized by their uncanny ability to cause different types of effects: not only inside the plant that originally makes them, but inside a range of other organisms. For instance, EO influence other plants nearby. Or they repel insects or animals that might threaten the plant. EO molecules will also prevent fungi or yeast from spreading. They achieve this through their activity deep inside a fungus or a yeast cell. EO terpenes, deployed by the plant when it senses a colonization attempt by a fungus or a mold, will inhibit the fungus from growing by inhibiting crucial regenerative processes inside the cells of yeasts and fungi. In short, the plant makes these terpene molecules to defend itself from being infested by yeasts or fungi. In aromatherapy we use exactly this quality of essential oils to rid ourselves from Candida.

Plants have optimized these defensive abilities by making not one, but many components which will act together (synergistically) derailing not only one, but many processes in the yeast cell. This interaction of many plant components with many processes in the yeast or bacterial organism makes their action gentle and effective at the same time. In other words the many different EO components in a living plant work together in an elaborate and complex way creating a spectrum of activity that is much more efficient than a single or even a few components ever could be (The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils, page 48).”

This approach to purity is something that we at Anjali pride ourselves on. SO if it’s been changed, added too and or reduced in some way then it’s not pure, its simply not 100% natural.

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